Pictures in Japan

(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Hitachi Central Research Laboratory)

Lunch at CAROTICA (1996-04-22)

Lecture (1996-04-22. 16:05-17:30)

Bipin Indurkhya
Prof. Nakamori, Prof. Wada, Prof. Nakagawa, A. Selman

Visiting Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (1996-04-23)

Walking around the garden in CRL with the laboratory's members.

Dr. Umetani, Dr. Kaneko, Prof. & Mrs. Selman, Prof. Nakamori, Prof. Namiki

Dr. Kaneko, Prof. & Mrs. Selman, Mrs. Nakamura, Prof. Namiki, Prof. Nakamori, Dr. Umetani, T. Itoh

At the meeting of TUAT CS course (1996-04-24)

Images taken with a digital still camera (RICHO DC-1), by M. Namiki