SUNY at Buffalo  CSE713 Wireless Networks Security - Principles And Practices
Spring 2017 
Prof. Shambhu Upadhyaya 
CSE 713  

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Spring 2017  
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05/08/17 Class #15 Student presentations (Round 2); Roundtable Discussion.
05/01/17 Class #14 Student presentations (Round 2).
04/24/17 Class #13 Student presentations (Round 2).
04/17/17 Class #12 Student presentations (Round 2).
04/10/17 Class #11 Student presentations (Round 2).
04/03/17 Class #10 Student presentations.
03/27/17 Class #9 Student presentations.
03/20/17 Class #8 Spring Break
03/13/17 Class #7 Student presentations.
03/06/17 Class #6 Student presentations.
2/27/17 Class #5 Student presentations.
02/20/17 Class #4 Student presentations.
02/13/17 Class #3 I have posted the material for Lecture 3. It will be a sweeping overview of the foundational material. I will then give an overview presentation on advanced topics. This means, next week, we will start with the student presentations. I have one volunteer already. Need one more for presentations on the 20th.
Check the student database on the left to make contacts with other students and form groups of 2.
02/06/17 Class #2 I have posted the material for Lecture 2. At the end, we will go over the presentation topics. In the class, I would ask you to select the topics in a broad sense. Try to form your groups before coming to the class (groups of 2). This will help you in choosing the topics for your presentations. Also, I would need two groups to come forward to make the presentations in Week 4 (Feb. 20th).
01/30/17 Class #1 This is an introductory class. We will go through the course content and basic motivational issues. We will also look into WEP security and its weaknesses and introduce the 802.11i standards. Check Lectures to go to the slides.