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The following is a list of Ph.D students who have either completed or are currently in progress. Selected M.S. students are listed at the end.

  • Sanzgiri A. (Ph.D), "A Comprehensive Threat Assessment Framework for Securing Emerging Technologies", December 2013.
  • Mehresh R. (Ph.D.), "Schemes for Surviving Advanced Persistent Threats", Aug. 2013; Currently at EMC Corporation.
  • Mathew S. (Ph.D.), "Techniques for Cyber-Attack Comprehension through Analysis of Application Level Data”, July 2009; Amazon Inc., Engineer.
  • Chadrasekaran M. (Ph.D.), "An Introspective Behavior Based Methodology to Mitigate Internet Attacks”, May 2009; Amazon Inc., Engineer.
  • Jadliwala M. (Ph.D.), “Security and Robustness of Localization Techniques for Emergency Sensor Networks”, May 2008; Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Laussane, Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • Virendra M. (Ph.D.), "Secure, Robust and Trusted Communications in Wireless Networks”, May 2008; Brocade Communication Systems, Inc., Software Engineer.
  • Vidyaraman S. (Ph.D.),"GUST: Game theoretic User-centered Security design Techniques”, February 2008; Currently at Microsoft as Program Manager.
  • Pramanik S. (Ph.D.), “Adaptive End-to-End Dependability for Generic Applications in a Network Environment”, August 2007, ArcSight Inc. as Senior Software Engineer.
  • Garg A. (Ph.D.), “A Modeling and Simulation Framework for Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems”, August 2006, ArcSight Inc. as Senior Software Engineer.
  • Chinchani R. (Ph.D.), "Job-Centric User Level Intrusion Detection", May 2005, First Appointment at Cisco.
  • Zhao D. (Ph.D.), "An Integrated Framework for Concurrent Test and Wireless Control in Complex SoCs", December 2004, Currently Assistant Professor at University of Louisiana, West Lafayette, LA.
  • Tien T.C. (Ph.D.), "Adaptive Routing in Dynamic Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", January 2003.
  • Wu H., "Commonality Architecture: A New Interactive Video-on-Demand Systems Paradigm", September 2001.
  • Zarrineh K. (Ph.D.), "Architecture and Design of a Memory Test Synthesis Framework", May 1999, first employment at IBM, Endicott, NY.
  • Ramamurthy B. (Ph.D.), "Hardware-Assisted Rollback Recovery in Distributed Systems", January 1997, Currently working as a Teaching Associate Professor in CSE Department, SUNY at Buffalo.
  • Goldberg, S. (Ph.D.), "Toward a Practical Realization of Fault-Tolerant Processing Arrays", January 1997, Currently an Associate Professor, at Buffalo State College.
  • Spina R. (Ph.D.), "A Framework for the Testing and Fault Diagnosis of Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits Using Artificial Neural Networks", Aug. 1996, First Appointment at NBX Corporation, Boston, MA.
  • Demjanenko M. (Ph.D.), "Yield Enhancement by Inherent Component Redundancy", January 1995, Currently working for VoCal Technology, Buffalo, NY.
  • Kumar A. (Ph.D.), "A Framework for Function in Model Based Diagnosis", March 1994, Currently a Professor at Ramapo College, NJ.
  • Ranganathan A. (Ph.D.), "Techniques and Models for Rollback Recovery in Distributed Systems", currently employed by Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA.
  • Chen Y.Y. (Ph.D.), "Fault Tolerant Design of Large Area Array Processors by Multiple Level Redundancy", August 1991, Currently a faculty member in Chung-Hua Polytechnic Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • Tong, M. (M.S.) "Twitter Structure and Formation from Information Propagation and Security Perspective", December 2013, currently employed by Amazon, Inc.  



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