Due: In Lecture, Friday, April 26, 1996.

  1. (3) Using resolution refutation, show that the sentences of Exercise 9.4 of the text logically imply the sentence
    If Bluebeard is Freddie's parent then Freddie is a mammal.

    You may use any program to aid you, but show the proof in the style of page 143 of the presentation version of Foundations of Logic & Inference.

  2. (3) Repeat Exercise (1) above, but use SNePS. Hand in a copy of the SNePS run.

  3. (3) Do Exercise 11.7(b) of the text (page 365). That is, express the six Shakey actions of pages 360-361 in the POP version of STRIPS.

  4. (3) Using the decision tree learning algorithm demonstrated in class and implemented in /projects/shapiro/AIclass/learn.cl, show the decision tree that would be learned by giving the learner examples X1 through X12 of Figure 18.5 (page 534) in that order. Assume that the features (attributes) are ordered as shown left-to-right in Figure 18.5.

  5. (2) Which, if any, of examples X1 through X12 of Figure 18.5 would be classified incorrectly by the tree you drew for Exercise (4) above?

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