CS502 Questionnaire

If you are taking CS502 in Spring, 1997, fill in and submit this form.
Last Name:
First Name:

CS502 may be taken for 1.0 - 3.0 credits. For how many credits are you registered?

Are your current plans, assuming you pass all necessary exams, to get the Ph.D. or to stop at the M.S.?

The main thing you will do this semester is to investigate the research area of a faculty member with whom you intend to work for the degree you indicated above. Although, you may change your mind in the future, this is a serious decision, and you must pick someone now. You do not need that person's prior permission. Whom do you choose?

You may register for CS700 or CS799 in conjunction with CS502. If you have done so, the faculty member you indicated above must be the one whose section you registered for, and you must have obtained that faculty member's permission first. If you have done so, indicate which course you registered for, and how many credits of that course you registered for

Stuart C. Shapiro <shapiro@cs.buffalo.edu>