An Approach to Serenity, or The Doctor Will See You Now
by Joyce H. Daniels

[In J. Duchan, G. Bruder, and L. Hewitt, Eds. Deixis in Narrative: a Cognitive Science Perspective, Lawrence Erlbaum, Hillsdale, NJ, 1995, xviii.]

Lorna had a toothache. She was in agony. When she called the dentist's office, the receptionist said to come right over. Lorna ran down the stairs to her garage and raced to the dentist's office. She happily sat down thinking that her misery was soon to be over. However, she sat in the waiting room for forty-five minutes before she asked the receptionist how much longer it would be before she saw the dentist. Smilingly, the receptionist informed her that she needed to wait only a few more minutes. The minutes dragged by. Finally, the dentist called Lorna's name and escorted her to the dental chair. He swiftly diagnosed the problem and remedied the situation. He then charged Lorna the $150.00 fee that he normally charged for emergency visits.

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