CSE115 Homework 1

Due: Midnight, Sunday, January 28, 2001.

Enter your name:

Your person number:

Your recitation:

Fill in the following table so that the numbers in each row are numerically equal and the numbers in each column are in the indicated base.

       Binary  Octal  Decimal  Hexadecimal
        10111     27       23           17


        11101     35


      1011101                           5d

You may either store and edit this file, or create a file with the same information in it (name, person number, recitation, the table). Then submit the file by executing the command

submit_cse115c6 file
Where you replace c6 by your recitation, and file by the name of your file.

Due: Midnight, Sunday, January 28, 2001.

Stuart C. Shapiro
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