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CSE 116
Introduction To Computer Science for Majors 2
Lecture B
Lecture Notes
Stuart C. Shapiro
Spring, 2003

Introduction to Course


Web Resources

At least a C- in CSE 115.

You are responsible for reading the chapters in the text according to the posted schedule, possibly modified by announcements in class. You are to read the material before the lecture that covers it, and you may want to reread it afterwards also. You are responsible for the material in these chapters whether or not they are covered explicitly in class, but you should feel free to ask about anything you think needs more clarification, both in lecture and in recitation.

Read each lab assignment as soon you finish the previous one. It is expected that you will begin working on it in a recitation meeting, but do the background reading ahead of time, and you can even begin working on the lab assigment early.
The first lab assignment is out this week.
Labs begin meeting this week.

Outside Work
You should spend at least 2 hours on this course (and every course) outside of class for each credit hour the course carries.

We will read the handout together.
Sign and hand in the agreement now.
If you missed the first lecture, obtain the handout from the lecturer, sign, and return the agreement.

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