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Introduction to Cognitive Science
Stuart C. Shapiro
Fall, 2006

TTh 2:00 - 3:20, 222 NSC

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Prof. Stuart C. Shapiro, 326 Bell Hall, 645-3180 ext. 125,
Office Hours: MTh 11:00-11:50, F 1:00-1:50, or make an appointment via email. See my schedule for my available times.


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The Center for Cognitive Science:
The Fall 2006 Colloquium Series of UB's Center for Cognitive Science meets Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:30 in 280 Park Hall. You are invited and encouraged to attend, but the meetings are not an official part of this course.

Academic Policies:
This course will abide by the CSE Department Academic Integrity policies and procedures,
and the CSE Department Incomplete policy. The short versions are:

This course will also abide by the University's principles and procedures regarding students with disabilities. See the Office of Disability Services' statement on UB's Commitment to Disability Access. Notify the professor if you need any accommodations under these policies.

Course Requirements:

Class Meetings:
Most class meetings will be devoted to discussions of the readings.


Course Calendar:
All book references are to the Text.
This schedule is tentative, and may change slightly as the semester proceeds.
WeekDayDateTopics and Readings
1 Tue8/29First Class
Course Introduction
Chap. 1: Introduction: Exploring Inner Space
 Thur8/31 Finish Chap. 1.
Begin Chap 2: The Philosophical Approach: Enduring Questions
2 Tue9/5 Chap 2: The Philosophical Approach: Enduring Questions
 Thur9/7 Announcement: Sejnowski Lecture
 Fri9/8 Drop/Add Deadline
3 Tue9/12
Chap 3: The Psychological Approach: A Profusion of Theories
 Thur9/14 Chap 4: The Cognitive Approach I: History, Vision, and Attention
4 Tue9/19 Day of Learning: No class
5 Tue9/26 Chap 5: The Cognitive Approach II: Memory, Imagery, and Problem Solving
6 Tue10/3 Chap 6: The Neuroscience Approach: Mind as Brain
See also U. Alberta Midsagittal Structures Study Module and Milner & Goodale, The Visual Brain in Action
7 Tue10/10 Chap 7: The Network Approach: Mind as a Web
Quillian figures: 4-1a, 4-1b, 4-1, Table 4-1
8 Tue10/17 Chap 8: The Evolutionary Approach: Change Over Time
 Thur10/19 First Exam: Chaps 1-7
9 Tue10/24  
 Thur10/26 Chap 9: The Linguistic Approach: Language and Cognitive Science
10 Tue10/31  
 Thur11/2 Chap 10: Artificial Intelligence I: Definitional Perspective
11 Tue11/7 Chap 11: Artificial Intelligence II: Operational Perspective
 Thur11/9 Chap 12: Robotics: The Ultimate Intelligent Agents
 Fri11/10 R Deadline
12 Tue11/14  
13 Tue11/21 Class Canceled: Happy Thanksgiving
 Thur11/23 Fall Recess: no class
14 Tue11/28 Chap 13: Conclusion: Where We Go From Here
15 Tue12/5  
Last Class
Second Exam: Chaps 8-13

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