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CSE663: Advanced Topics in Knowledge Representation, Fall, 2002

Prof. Stuart C. Shapiro

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Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12:30 - 1:50, 224 Bell Hall

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Prof. Stuart C. Shapiro, 326 Bell Hall, 645-3180 ext. 125,

Office Hours: M 1:30-2:20; Th, F 2:00-2:50. Or make an appointment via email. See my schedule for my available times.

Catalog Description:
A second graduate course in knowledge representation and reasoning covering such topics as automated theorem proving, semantic network implementation, etc., and surveying knowledge representation and reasoning topics not covered in other graduate-level courses. Topics will vary according to instructor and student interests.

CSE 563 or CSE 572 or CSE/LIN 567 or permission of instructor; graduate standing. (See course descriptions.)

This course can be used to satisfy the following graduate degree requirements:

for the CSE M.S. degree:
Complete "a 600 level CSE course containing a project component, with grade at least B+ for the course and the project." [from the Graduate Handbook]
for the CSE Ph.D. qualifying process in AI/Knowledge Representation:
"Take one 600-level course in the area that you have selected for your dissertation research, and get at least B+." [from the Graduate Handbook]
for the CSE Ph.D. degree in any area:
"Take at least another CSE 600-level course with grade at least B" [from the Graduate Handbook]
for the Ph.D. Track Program in Cognitive Science:
"Five additional Cognitive Science-approved courses. Three of these must be distributed across two departments outside your home department." [from the Track Program Web Page]

Course requirements:

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Academic policies:
This course will abide by the Departmental Academic Integrity policies and procedures, and the Departmental Incomplete policy.

Tentative Syllabus:
The course will be structured by the various components of SNePS 3, a Knowledge Representation and Reasoning system currently being implemented by SNeRG, the SNePS Research Group. However, the topics will be discussed within a broader KRR context. The tentative list of topics is:
  1. Propositional Representation;
  2. Propositional Reasoning:
    1. Wire-based reasoning;
    2. Path-based reasoning (generalized hierarchies);
  3. First-Order Representation:
    Theory and use of arbitrary objects;
  4. First-Order Reasoning:
    1. Subsumption reasoning;
    2. Rules of inference: instantiation and propositional connectives;
    3. Belief Revision
    4. Default Reasoning
  5. Cognitive Robotics:
    Representing and performing acts by a reasoning agent;
  6. Natural Lanaguage Competence:
    Interfacing with a natural language parser and generator.

Important Dates:
Tuesday, August 27 First class meeting
Friday, August 30 Last day to drop without financial penalty
Thursday, September 12 Homework #1 due
Thursday, September 19 Homework #2 due
Thursday, September 26 Homework #3 due
Tuesday, October 1 Term paper proposal due
Thursday, October 17 Homework #4 due
Friday, October 18 Last day to withdraw and recieve a grade of R
Tuesday, November 5 Term paper draft due
Thursday, November 28 No class - Thanksgiving Holiday
Thursday, December 5 Last class meeting
Thursday, December 19 Term paper due

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