The Department of Computer Science & Engineering

CSE663: Advanced Knowledge Representation
Stuart C. Shapiro
Spring, 2011

Project 3
Due: Noon, Thursday, April 28, 2011

For this project, you are to work through the Protégé Guide, using Protégé Version 3.4.5, a popular ontology editor. To run Protégé Version 3.4.5 on the CSE machines, simply execute the Unix command Protege. (Without the period.)

In the Guide, you will be instructed on how to save your ontology to a file. When you are finished with the project, submit that file, and email the following message to Prof. Shapiro (with the blanks filled in appropriately):

I have finished the Protégé Guide exercises through Exercise      , and have submitted my ontology file for Project 3 as the file named           . This file is my own work. I did not obtain it nor copy it from anyone else.
You are not required to write a paper for this project. There are 59 exercises in the Guide. Your grade will be the percent of exercises you complete satisfactorily.
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