The Department of Computer Science & Engineering

CSE663: Advanced Knowledge Representation
Stuart C. Shapiro
Fall, 2005

Homework 3
Trip Planning in Protégé and Jess
Maximum Points: 30 plus up to 16 Bonus Points
Assigned: October 21, 2005
Due: November 2, 2005

Before this homework is due, submit all the files comprising your solution, suitable for loading and running, by executing the Unix commands

submit_cse663 <file>

Then, hand in a hard-copy document describing your solution with enough detail, including instructions for exercising your files, so that I am convinced that you did the homework completely and correctly. The hard-copy must be prepared in LaTeX or other suitable formatting program, and must be formatted for human reading. The hard-copy is due at start of class on the date given above.

For this homework, you are to use Protégé and the JessTab to implement the trip-planning example from Section 8.3 of the text. You may also use /projects/shapiro/CSE663/ as a guide.

Your representation must include the classes Trip, TripPart, TravelStep, and LodgingStay. For bonus points, include representations of the classes Person, Date, Price, FormOfPayment, City, LodgingPlace, FormOfTransportation, and/or Time. Slot values must be instances to the extent allowed by the classes you have defined.


Origin method2
TotalCost method4
NextStep method3
Place method1
trip18 and its parts4
Each optional class2
Maximum bonus points16

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