The Department of Computer Science & Engineering

CSE663: Advanced Knowledge Representation
Stuart C. Shapiro
Fall, 2007

Homework 2
Maximum Points: 40
Assigned: October 4, 2007
Due: October 30, 2007

For this homework, you are to build a Jess tic-tac-toe player, as sketched in B&L Exercise 7.11, p. 133

Before this homework is due, submit a file containing your Jess program by executing the Unix command

submit_cse663 hw2.clp
Make sure the file begins with comments (lines beginning with ";;;") identifying it and you.

Then, hand in a hard-copy of your paper at the beginning of class. The hard-copy must be prepared in LaTeX or other suitable formatting program, and must be formatted for human reading.


Style---relying on the production-system architecture:5
Syntax and semantics of your WMEs:8
User interface: ability of the user to play against your program without having read the code:4
Correctness---your program running, playing, and winning whenever reasonable:8
Ability of a reader understanding what you've done by reading the English text in your paper:10
General format of the paper:5

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