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UB CSE 718

CSE 718: Seminar on Implementing KRR Systems
Stuart C. Shapiro
Fall, 2006

Fridays, 2:30-5:00, 242 Bell Hall
Registration No. 466762
1 - 3 Credits

Prof. Stuart C. Shapiro, 326 Bell Hall, 645-3180 ext. 125,
Office Hours: MTh 11:00-11:50, F 1:00-1:50, or make an appointment via email. See my schedule for my available times.

This seminar will be a group project. We will discuss techniques of implementing KRR systems, review the partial implementation of the Common Lisp version of SNePS 3, and attempt to complete it. Instruction in Common Lisp will be provided as needed. No previous knowledge of Common Lisp will be assumed, so this will also be a course in Common Lisp. However, that part will move quickly, and advanced topics will be included.

SNePS is a logic-, frame-, and network-based knowledge representation, reasoning, and acting system. It is also useful as an ontology reasoning tool. SNePS supports inference by path-following in the network, and also by a general natural-deduction-style combined forward and backward chaining system that uses a parallel, eager-beaver control system with memoization. An assumption-based belief revision system is an integral part of SNePS inference, and an acting component is integrated with the reasoning component. Basic SNePS operations include unification, subsumption, and operations on sets.

All participants will be expected to participate actively in seminar meetings, to contribute to the implementation of SNePS 3.0, and to lead discussions on their part of the system.

If you intend to register for this seminar, you must discuss that intention with Prof. Shapiro before the start of the Fall semester, and obtain his permission to register.

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