Notes on XEmacs

What is XEmacs?
A text editor, Integrated Development Environment, and shell.

XEmacs Web site
XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs

Determiners of Look and Feel

Running XEmacs
xemacs [file] [&]
Note: XEmacs is implemented in Lisp; Every command is a Lisp function.

Abort Command if Hung

Exiting XEmacs
C-x C-c

Screen Organization
  1. Frame: Everything in the X window
  2. Menu Bar
  3. Tool Bar
  4. Window
    May be several, one of which is selected.
    Each contains a buffer with a point between two characters.
    The selected window contains the cursor on the character after point.
    Last line is the mode line.
  5. Minibuffer

Getting Help

Major Modes
Determined by file extension.
M-x mode-mode To change mode.
Note Space completion

Dired: Operating on Directories
C-x d (Note default argument -- RET to accept)

Getting a File into a Buffer
C-x C-f Note: the file is created if it doesn't already exist.

Saving a File
C-x C-s

Manipulating Buffers
C-x b Get a different buffer in the window
C-x C-b List all buffers
C-x k Kill buffer

Moving the Cursor
C-f Forward one character
C-b Backward one character
M-f Forward one word
M-b Backward one word
C-n Next line
C-p Previous line
C-a Beginning of line
C-e End of line
C-v Down one window-full
M-v Up one window-full
M-< Beginning of buffer
M-> End of buffer
C-l Center this line within this window

Editing Text
Type To enter before cursor
DEL or BS To delete before cursor
C-d To delete under cursor
C-k To kill rest of line
C-y To paste ("yank") last killed object
C-o To "open" a new line Note: NEWLINE is just another character.
C-x u To undo
M-x revert-buffer restores the version on disk.

C-s Incremental search forward
C-r Incremental search backward
M-% Query-Replace M-C-s Incremental Regex search forward
M-C-r Incremental Regex search backward
M-C-% Regex Query-Replace

C-spc Set mark (Region from mark to cursor)
C-w Kill region
M-w Copy region to kill ring
M-x kill-rectangle
M-x yank-rectangle

C-x 2 Split window in two
C-x 0 Delete this window
C-x 1 Make this the only window
C-x o Other window

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