Exploiting the Dynamically Architectural Configurability in Compressed Sensing

Project Description:

 Sensors or sensing systems are increasingly critical in a variety of applications including national security, surveillance monitoring and health care. Those systems should function with minimal hardware recourses, minimal communications and minimal computation overhead, and these efficiencies can dramatically improve the performance, reliability and usability, which can broaden the overall application scope of sensor systems. This project is to pursue preliminary results of dynamic configurability of architectural and circuit models in sensing systems, and the proposed research will have significant impacts on a range of sensing applications under the resource-constrained environment. For example, in large-scale sensor networks or implantable sensors, energy is tightly constrained. The ultimate goal of the research is to exploit the configurability and dynamics of sensing systems to improve the overall system efficiency. This project serves as an expedition to investigate the dynamically architectural sensing techniques and may open a new research direction of theory and practice in the signal acquisition. Upon the success of this project, a better performance-energy tradeoff in the sensing system will be obtained, which can further strengthen its advantage compared to other sampling techniques, and extend its application regime.


  • This Project is in part supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation ECCS-1462498.


    Wenyao Xu (PI)

    Aosen Wang (Ph.D. student)

    Chen Song (Ph.D. student)


    Dr. Zhanpeng Jin, University at Buffalo, USA

    Dr. Jian Xiao, Chang'an University, China

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