CSE 410 (CSE 350): Advanced Data Structures and Indexes (Fall 2024)

Course Description

Welcome to CSE 410 (future CSE 350) Advanced Data Structures and Indexes of Fall 2024. This course expands on CSE 250 by introducing techniques for data organization in real-world data management and data systems that account for the memory hierarchy and the need for concurrent access. Topics include relational data model and SQL, I/O Complexity, Serialization/Data Layout, On-Disk Tree and/or Hash based structures, Secondary Indexes, and advanced topics including but not limited to Write-optimized data structures (e.g., LSM Indexes and Beta-Epsilon Trees), Caching, Concurrent Data Structures, and Versioned Data Structures. The advanced topics may vary across different sections.

This course can be used to satisfy the prerequisite of CSE 462 Database Systems of Spring 2025 in lieu of CSE 460.

WIP, stay tuned...