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  • Cryptanalysis of a Public Key System Based on Diophantine equations
  • Comparison of RSA and the Naccache-Stern Public Key Cryptosystem
  • A Lattice-based Public Key Cryptosystem
  • Complexity Issues for public-key cryptosystems
  • Distributed Partial Information Management (DPIM) Schemes for Survivable Networks - Part I
  • Novel Models for Shared Path Protection
Security Topics
  • A Tamper-Resistant Framework or Unambiguous Detection Of Attacks in User Space Using Process Monitors
  • Towards the Scalable Implementation of an Anomaly Detection System
  • An Analytical Framework for Reasoning About Intrusions
  • A Comprehensive Reasoning Framework About Information Survivability
  • A decentralized voting algorithm for increasing dependability in distributed systems
  • Secure and fault-tolerant voting in distributed systems
  • Simulation of Intrusion Detection in Distributed Systems
  • A Distributed Concurrent Intrusion Detection Scheme Based on Assertions
Secure  Voting
  • Electronic Banking and Information Assurance: A Survey and Synthesis
  • What Companies Are(n't) Doing about Web Site Assurance
  • A Case of E-Commerce Education: Students Implementing E-Government
  • A B-to-C Trust Model for On-line Exchange
  • An Incentive Compatible Trading Mechanism for Trust Revelation
  • Contracting with Uncertain Level of Trust


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