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The DI2 is a consortium involving members from academia, industry and the non-profit sectors. The Consortium offers three levels of membership Platinum, Gold and Silver that are designed to suit a variety of member needs.

Depending on the level of membership, partners enjoy benefits including:

  1. Access to unique software tools, algorithms and expertise
  2. Participation in DI2 project nomination and selection
  3. Invitation to training and research symposia and the opportunity to interact with DI2 researchers, fellows and students.

The Consortium will provide funding for research Projects. Project proposals may be submitted by University at Buffalo faculty and consortium Members. Projects will be selected for support by decision of the Management Committee, in part, based on the ability of the proposed work to address the following specific objectives:

  1. To develop new applications for data intensive computing in the life sciences, pharmaceutical research, and development and engineering.
  2. To develop new algorithms and programming methods for data intensive computing architectures.
  3. To optimize the performance of existing algorithms for data intensive computing architectures.
  4. To integrate heterogeneous high performance computing platforms for complex problems.
  5. To develop user-friendly software tools for the life sciences, and pharmaceutical research and development.
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