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CSE 115/503 - Spring 2011 - Grading Information

Grading Information
Last modified: January 17 2011 11:29:43 AM

CSE 115/503 - Spring 2011 - Grading Information

Grades will be returned to students on paper (if assignment was submitted on paper) or via email/web form response (if assignment was submitted electronically).

Papers will be returned either in lecture or in recitation section. If papers are returned in recitation, after two attempts, the papers are returned to the instructor and can be picked up from the instructor before or after lecture or during office hours.

When you receive your graded work, you should check it over carefully. You should check first for addition or deduction mistakes (i.e. math errors) with your grade. However, you should also check for mistakes in the grading of a particular question or piece of the project. If you believe there was an error in grading, you should first contact the person that graded your work (within one week of the return of your graded submission):

Type of submission Grading received Best first contact attempt
Exam or Quiz On paper Course instructor, in person, during office hours
Other assignment On paper TA that graded the assignment, in person, during office hours
Any electronically-submitted assignment Electronically TA* that graded assignment, via email or during office hours

*Note that grading emails may come from your course instructor, however, unless the course instructor's name is listed in the "Graded by:" field of the grading rubric, do not ask grading questions of the instructor, talk to the TA that graded the assignment first.

If the assignment was graded by Web-CAT, you can usually get your results from logging into Web-CAT. See this page for information about interpretting your results.

If you are unable to come to office hours, or if the TA does not have office hours, you should contact the appropriate person via email to discuss the issue and make an appointment if necessary.

Grading guidelines for assignments are available below. Exam grading is typically discussed when exams are returned. If the discussion in class or on the rubric is not clear and you have further questions, please stop by to discuss these issues during office hours.

Information about the grading of individual assignments is available in the assignment descriptions.

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