Date Topic Blogger Notes
Mon, Aug 31 Introduction (Slides [19MB]) Atri Rudra
Wed, Sep 2 Why and What of Algorithms (Slides [5MB]) Atri Rudra
Fri, Sep 4 Stable Marriage Problem (Slides [3MB]) Atri Rudra [KT, Sec 1.1]
Mon, Sep 7 No class Labor Day
Wed, Sep 9 Gale-Shapley Algorithm (Slides [.25MB]) Devanshu Pandey [KT, Sec 1.1]
Fri, Sep 11 Analysis of the Gale-Shapley Algorithm-I (Slides [.25MB]) Matthew Key [KT, Sec 1.1] (HW1 out)
Mon, Sep 14 Analysis of the Gale-Shapley Algorithm-II (Slides [1.6MB]) Austin Miller [KT, Sec 1.1]
Wed, Sep 16 Asymptotic Analysis (Slides [3.7MB]) Ryan Coppolo [KT, Sec 2.1, 2.2]
Fri, Sep 18 Asymptotic Analysis-II (Slides [.35 MB]) Lisa Slish [KT, Sec 2.2] (HW1 in, HW2 out)
Mon, Sep 21 Run-time Analysis of the Gale-Shapley Algorithm (Slides [.6 MB]) Gary Vinette [KT, Sec 2.3]
Wed, Sep 23 Basics of Graphs (Slides [3.99MB]) Keith Hellerman [KT, Sec 3.1]
Fri, Sep 25 Graph Traversal (Slides [2.6MB]) Eric Telaak [KT, Sec 3.2] (HW2 in, HW3 out)
Mon, Sep 28 No class Classes cancelled till 6PM due to Yom Kipur
Wed, Sep 30 Computing Connected Components (Slides [1.78MB]) Janghoon Lee [KT, Sec 3.2]
Fri, Oct 2 Depth First Search (Slides [2.18MB]) Ryan Riegel [KT, Sec 3.2](HW3 in, HW4 out)
Mon, Oct 5 Implementing BFS (Slides [1.5MB]) Matthew General [KT, Sec 3.3]
Tue, Oct 6 Lecture on Proofs-I (Slides [.7MB]) Lecture by Jeff Delmerico
Wed, Oct 7 Analyzing BFS (Slides [2.3MB]) Samantha Years [KT, Sec 3.3]
Wed, Oct 7 Lecture on Proofs-II (Slides [.7MB])
Fri, Oct 9 Topological Ordering (Slides [2.62MB]) Andrew Muraco (HW4 in, HW5 out)
Mon, Oct 12 Greedy Algorithms (Notes [.1MB]) Chandan Agrawal Guest Lecture by Hung Ngo
Wed, Oct 14 Huffman Codes (Notes [.1MB]) Tom Messana Guest Lecture by Hung Ngo
Fri, Oct 16 Mid-term exam 1:00-1:50pm, 205 NSC (HW5 in)
Mon, Oct 19 Interval Scheduling (Slides [3.2MB]) Eric Schmidt [KT, Sec 4.1]
Wed, Oct 21 Scheduling to minimize lateness (Slides [1.04MB]) Ryan Dolce [KT, Sec 4.2]
Fri, Oct 23 Analyzing the greedy algorithm (Slides [.3MB]) David Malinowski [KT, Sec 4.2] (HW6 out)
Mon, Oct 26 Analyzing the greedy algorithm-II (Slides [.3MB]) John Driscoll [KT, Sec 4.2]
Wed, Oct 28 Shortest Path Problem (Slides [1.4MB]) John Barker
Stephen Carlough
[KT, Sec 4.4]
Fri, Oct 30 Analysis of Dijkstra's Algorithm (Slides [1.1MB]) Donald Lloyd [KT, Sec 4.4] (HW6 in, HW7 out)
Mon, Nov 2 Minimum Spanning Tree Problem (Slides [4.7MB]) David Ferraro
Robert Jones
[KT, Sec 4.5]
Wed, Nov 4 Algorithms for MST (Slides [.9MB]) Aditia Murtanto [KT, Sec 4.5]
Fri, Nov 6 Analysis of Kruskal and Prim's algorithms (Slides [.75MB]) John Kirchgraber
Long Nguyen
[KT, Sec 4.5] (HW7 in, HW8 out)
Mon, Nov 9 Divide and Conquer (Slides [1.9MB]) Robert Lockhart
Cory Sandor
[KT, Sec 5.1]
Wed, Nov 11 Mergesort Algorithm (Slides [.2MB]) Steven Bennett [KT, Sec 5.1]
Fri, Nov 13 Multiplying two integers (Slides [.1MB]) Andrew Cottrell
Jennifer Sylka
[KT, Sec 5.5] (HW8 in, HW9 out)
Mon, Nov 16 Counting Inversion (Slides [1.75MB]) [KT, Sec 5.3]
Wed, Nov 18 Algorithm to count inversions (Slides [.6MB]) Jake Tangel [KT, Sec 5.3]
Fri, Nov 20 Closest points in 2-D (Slides [.15MB]) Mike Impson
Ian Small
[KT, Sec 5.4] (HW9 in)
Mon, Nov 23 Divide and Conquer Algorithm for closest pair (Slides [.8MB]) Anthony M Consiglio
Nicholl M Edmondson
[KT, Sec 5.4]
Wed, Nov 25 No class Fall recess
Fri, Nov 27 No class Fall recess
Mon, Nov 30 Dynamic Programming (Slides [2.3MB]) Shivam Kumar [KT, Sec 6.1]
Wed, Dec 2 Weighted Interval Scheduling (Slides [.01MB]) Santosh Thapa [KT, Sec 6.1]
Fri, Dec 4 Dynamic Program for Weighted Interval Scheduling (Slides [.95MB]) Chun Cheung [KT, Sec 6.1+6.2] (HW10 out)
Mon, Dec 7 Shortest Path Problem with Negative Costs (Slides [.3MB]) John Longanecker [KT, Sec 6.8]
Wed, Dec 9 Bellman-Ford Algorithm (Slides [.1MB]) Chienchung Huang
Andrew Puleo
[KT, Sec 6.8]
Fri, Dec 11 Wrap-up (Slides [6.4MB]) Dale Brosios
Richard Carpenter
Last lecture (HW10 in)