CSE250, Spring 2014

Data Structures


Dr. Kenneth W. Regan

326 Davis


Office hours: Mon. 11--11:50am, Wed. 1--3pm (definite), Thu. 4:30--5:30+pm (usually)


TAs: 1.

Ladan Golshanara

302 Davis

no phone

Ofc. hrs.: Thu. 1--3pm



Changsha Ma

302 Davis

no phone

Ofc. hrs.: Mondays 2--4pm


Course Organization and Policies (2014 version now)

CSE250 Course Resources Includes links to C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage and some writings.

Assignments Page

Current Assignment(s):

Minimal Coding Guidelines, for submissions in this course.

Template Errors from g++ on timberlake by KWR, maybe others? Let me know if these ever help, and more than a Google search on your error message does.

Error Wrapper for g++: Installed on timberlake is a "wrapper" for g++ that sanitizes the template error messages. You can use /util/bin/gfilt as a synonym for g++, either from the command line or in a Makefile. The Makefiles in the /.../PROJECTS/F09BASE/ directory now have this as an extra "CC" option---just comment it in to use. Credit to BDSoft.com for this utility (aka. STLFilt---you may find a home-usable free download there too). Remember that upon seeing the final "(END)", hit "q" to quit.

Mirror of Java2C++ directory on timberlake, new and final-form files only. These files are equivalent to lecture notes.

Java2C++ Notes And a 2-page checklist

UNIX Tutorial . Parts One and Two will be followed in Week 1 recitations/office-hours. Another UNIX tutorial at the right level of detail.

Skeletal Nano Text Editor "Tutorial". Nano will also be introduced, along with vi/vim as options.

Recitation Slides (For weeks 2--5, we need to generate new passwords...)

Lecture Slides for Java2C++ Notes, Weeks 1--3

Weeks 3--5 Lecture Notes.

Quick-Reference Handout on Asymptotic Notation (by Tom Bylander of U.T. San Antonio, was given out in class on 9/14/11). Running Time Graphs by Jim Marshall of Sarah Lawrence. Notes (PowerPoint file) by Jeff Grundschlag of Columbia that include examples of counting code statements, loops, and recursion.

New Spr 2013: Fibonacci Algorithms lecture by Prof. Hung Ngo, delivered in place of my own Fibonacci lecture with "BigInt' by TA Chris Kim on 2/11/13.

Weeks 5--7 Lecture Notes.

Weeks 7--9 Lecture Notes.


  • MWF 12--12:50pm, in NSC 215

Recitations--all in 21 Baldy

  • (A1) Tuesdays, 1:00--1:50pm
  • (A2) Wednesdays, 4:00--4:50pm
  • (A3) Thursdays, 3:00--3:50pm
  • (A4) Fridays, 9:00--9:50am

Examinations (All "cumulative")

  • Prelim I, in class on Monday, March 10 (10% of grade)
  • Prelim II, in class on TBA (10% of grade).
  • Final Exam (30% of grade).
  • There may also be an exam component of projects ("pop quiz" or etc.), up to 5% of the total grade.


  • Some on-paper problem sets, typically assigned one week in advance.
  • Some small programming assignments, perhaps included on a problem set, and with a similar due-time.
  • Two long projects

These total 45% of the grade, plus 5% that may include the above-mentioned exam component.

Old Stuff

Spr 2013: Fibonacci Algorithms lecture by Prof. Hung Ngo, delivered in place of my own Fibonacci lecture with "BigInt" by TA Chris Kim on 2/11/13.

Lecture or Lab Notes on Iterators side 1, side 2.

Extra lecture notes on STL make_heap: page 1, page 2. These include material not in the text, as well as a second way of regarding the text's insert and removal algorithms, and with actual STL names. [Note: the body of fixUp's while-loop also needs j = parent(j); and similarly for fixDown updating j for the larger child. But, if instead of the index "j" you had a direct pointer to the heap-item, then the swap shown would do all needed updating.]

Red-Black Tree Deletion---extra lecture notes given out for last week of lectures.