CSE 710 – Seminar on "Parallel and Distributed File Systems"

Spring 2014 – "Tentative List of Papers" to be discussed


Early Distributed File Systems:


1.     The Sun Network File System: Design, Implementation and Experience (NFS), R. Sandberg, USENIX 1986.

2.     Scale and Performance in a Distributed File System (AFS), J. Howard et al., ACM ToCS 1988.

3.     Disconnected Operation in the Coda File System, J. Kistler et al., SOSP 1991.

4.     Serverless Network File Systems (xFS), T. Anderson et al., SOSP 1995.


Parallel Cluster File Systems:


5.     PVFS: A Parallel File System for Linux Clusters, P. Carns et al., Linux Conference 2000.

6.     Lustre: A Scalable, High-Performance File System, Cluster File Systems, Whitepaper 2002.

7.     GPFS: A Shared-Disk File System for Large Computing Clusters, F. Schmuck et al., FAST 2002.

8.     Nache: Design and Implementation of a Caching Proxy for NFSv4, A. Gulati et al., FAST 2007.

9.  Panache: A Parallel File System Cache for Global File Access, M. Eshel et al., FAST 2010.


Wide Area Distributed File Systems:


10.  OceanStore: An Architecture for Global-Scale Persistent Storage, J. Kubiatowicz et al., ASPLOS 2000.

11.  Shark: Scaling File Servers via Cooperative Caching, S. Annapureddy et al., NSDI 2005.

12.  Ivy: A Read/Write Peer-to-Peer File System, A. Muthitacharoen et al., OSDI 2002.

13.  zFS – A Scalable Distributed File System Using Object Disks, O. Rodeh et al., MSST 2003.

14.  The Google File System, S. Ghemewat., SOSP 2003.

15.  Ceph: A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System, S. Weil et al., OSDI 2006.

16.  Distributed Directory Service in the Farsite File System , J. Douceur et al., OSDI 2006.

17.  Flexible, Wide-Area Storage for Distributed Systems with WheelFS, J. Stribling et al., NSDI 2009.

18.  Scale and Concurrency of GIGA+: File System Directories with Millions of Files , S. Patil et al., FAST 2011.

19.  BlueSky: A Cloud-Backed File System for the Enterprise , M. Vrable et al., FAST 2012.

20.  Replication, History, and Grafting in the Ori File System , A. J. Mashtizadeh et. al., SOSP 2013.