JIVE Platform 0.4.2

  • Fixed: the object diagram views menu to provide a simpler and more intuitive set of views.

JIVE Platform 0.4.1

  • First release to support Eclipse 3.5 and later. Jive has been reported to work on Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Feature: object diagrams now support focusing the diagram on the currently active call stacks.
  • Feature: sequence diagrams now support specialized notation for out-of-model calls.
  • Feature: sequence diagrams now support several modalities of collapsing.
  • Feature: prototype open query interface released in beta (see Jive Search Dialog).
  • Improvement: template queries now accept a larger combinartion of required/optional parameters.
  • Fixed: a template query limitation when querying changed variables and specifying a method name.
  • Fixed a thread synchronization issue that would some times require a resume in order to complete a debug session.

JIVE Platform 0.3.1

  • Fixed handling of method calls/returns when filtered methods exist on the stack
  • Fixed handling of exceptions thrown/caught when filtered methods exist on the stack
  • Fixed errors occurring when the top stack frame does not correspond to the current MethodEntryEvent

JIVE Platform 0.3.0

  • Added actions for collapsing and expanding method activations on the sequence diagram using the context menu
  • Corrected the match count reported when re-running a search query
  • Corrected the behavior of revisiting past program states before suspending the target
  • Added a boolean isTerminated() method to the ExecutionOccurrence interface
  • Added a boolean visitChildren(ExecutionOccurrence execution) method to the SequenceModel.ExecutionVisitor interface
  • Fixed handling of anonymous inner class objects created from within a static context

JIVE Platform 0.2.2

  • Fixed sequence diagram behavior of terminated threads

JIVE Platform 0.2.1

  • Added support for reverse stepping before program termination
  • Added an 'Exception Caught' search query
  • Removed use of internal code for obtaining editor selection details

JIVE Platform 0.2.0

  • Re-organized and exported the package
  • Added an experimental extension point (edu.buffalo.cse.jive.ui.searchPages), allowing users to extend the query system
  • Exposed portions of the internal class JiveUIPlugin in the new utility class JiveUITools
  • Moved abstract implementations of IJiveView from an internal package to the edu.buffalo.cse.jive.ui package
  • Removed support for monitoring cloned objects when running under JRE 5
  • Fixed multiple selection bug in the Object Diagram view's pull-down menu
  • Changed the default color of thread #1 to a system independent color
  • Changed the default event height from 3 pixels to 4 pixels

JIVE Platform 0.1.2

  • Moved IJiveView from an internal package to the edu.buffalo.cse.jive.ui package
  • Exported the org.eclipse.debug.core plug-in from the edu.buffalo.cse.jive.core plug-in

JIVE Platform 0.1.1

  • Problems when executing classes not compiled with the debug option (javac -g) fixed
  • Exception handling added around JDI event handlers
  • JRE 5 (without return value monitoring) now supported
  • JIVE event notification moved from JDI Event Dispatcher thread to worker threads
  • Source code and documentation cleaned up in places
  • Source code included in build

JIVE Platform 0.1.0

Initial release