JIVE is composed of a set of plug-ins and features for the Eclipse Platform, and is distributed using Eclipse's update manager. JIVE requires the following software to run:

  • A compatible operating system: Windows, MacOS X, Linux.
  • Recommended Java Development Kit: JDK 8
  • Recommended Eclipse is the IDE for Java Developers (not the IDE for EE Developers). There are several Eclipse releases.
  • The update site mentioned in Step 2 of the instructions below is applicable for Eclipse versions from 2018-09 to 2020-06 (but not for later versions).
  • For version Photon-R or earlier, the update site is

Instructions for Installing JIVE (click on the images to enlarge)

1. Select HelpInstall New Software... in Eclipse.

1. The <strong>Install New Software...</strong> dialog.

2. Click on the Add... button to add JIVE's update site, then provide the following information:

2. Add JIVE's update site.

3. Select the newly added JIVE. A few moments later you should see the JIVE feature with the JIVE platform component. Select the feature and click on the Next > button.

3. Select JIVE's feature and platform.

4. The JIVE Platform has now been selected for installation. Click on the Next > button.

4. Review and confirm the installation of JIVE.

5. Review the license agreement, select the I accept the terms of the license agreements option, and click on the Finish button.

5. Review the license agreement.

6. All the necessary files will be downloaded and installed automatically. In the process, you will get a warning that Eclipse is unable to establish the validity or authenticity of the software. It is valid and authentic, so go ahead and click the Install anyway button.

7. Eclipse will ask if you would like to restart. Click Yes.

7. Restart Eclipse.

Once Eclipse restarts, JIVE will be installed. For information on how to use JIVE, see the Tutorials section.