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2.1. Defining Relations

All sessions with SNePS begin by defining the relations (arc labels) that you want to use. (Some relations, for use with node-based inference, are built in; see §7, below, and UM§2.5, UM Ch. 3.) To define a set of relations, evaluate the SNePSUL command define, giving it as arguments the names of the relations (UM§2.5).

(Note to the reader/user: To get the full benefit from this interactive tutorial, you should
do everything that is in a box like this.
It is also useful to draw the network as you build it; you can then compare your drawing of the network with the information that SNePS gives you. If the Xginseng program (or another graph-drawing program) is working, you can also use it to see a picture of the network; see §6.2.)

William J. Rapaport 2003-09-22