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How do you code with Legos?

Computational thinking is a way of problem-solving by following a specific process which helps in coding. LEGO is the perfect way to tackle computational thinking at home. When we build LEGO we are using computational thinking skills to create our LEGO designs.


You will learn how to follow instructions carefully, just like our computers do to us, while we (code) a structure with pieces of Lego.



  1. The Instructor has assembled a structure with the same pieces of LEGO you have received but you will not be able to see it just yet.
  2. Now, you will follow the Instructor’s instructions word for word, to achieve their structure.
  3. Careful! Don’t show your work to the Instructor or the other players just yet.
  4. Share your creations with the Instructor after you have followed the instructions and created your structure :)