I'm Bina Ramamurthy (bina at buffalo dot edu)

I am a Professor of Teaching at University at Buffalo, Computer Science and Engineering Department. I have been involved in the STEM area research, curriculum development and instruction for the past three decades. My current interest is in Blockchain application development.

The Book I just completed a highly practical hands-on book on application development on blockchain called Blockchain in Action in November 2020 and is available from many prominent book sellers .

My Research I am the Director of Blockchain Thinklab at University at Buffalo. ThinkLab is involved in blockchain research and outreach efforts. I also teach courses in data-intensive computing and emerging applications on big-data platforms such as Hadoop, and Spark. I am the Program Director of the SUNY approved certificate program on Data-intensive Computing at University at Buffalo. I have been the Principal Investigator on four National Science Foundation (NSF) grants and a co-investigator in six Instructional Innovative Instructional Technology grants (SUNY-IITG).

The Coursera Blockchain MOOC In 2018, I launched a four course specialization on Blockchain Technology on the Coursera MOOC platform. The MOOC courses are still running strong, have surpassed an enrollement of 300,000 learners world-wide.

Hackernoon coverage of University at Buffalo's Coursera blockchain MOOC.

According to DigitalDefynd's 50 global experts, our Coursera Blockchain Specialization has been rated #1 among the best certifications for learning blockchain technology.