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#include <kernel.h>
#include <shell.h>

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short lexan (char *line, ushort linelen, char *tokbuf, char *tok[])

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Definition in file lexan.c.

Function Documentation

short lexan ( char *  line,
ushort  linelen,
char *  tokbuf,
char *  tok[] 

Ad hoc lexical analyzer to divide command line into tokens

*line pointer to line to parse
linelen length of line to parse
*tokbuf buffer for tokens
*tok[] array of pointers into token buffer
number of tokens created

Definition at line 20 of file lexan.c.

References isEndOfLine, isOtherSpecial, isQuote, isWhitespace, SHELL_MAXTOK, and SYSERR.

Referenced by shell().

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