Desktop/xinu_mips-1.0.2.tar/xinu_mips-1.0.2/system/resched.c File Reference

#include <kernel.h>
#include <proc.h>
#include <clock.h>
#include <queue.h>

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void ctxsw (void *, void *)
syscall resched (void)

Detailed Description


resched.c 241 2007-07-13 22:24:20Z agember

Definition in file resched.c.

Function Documentation

void ctxsw ( void *  ,
void *   

Referenced by resched().

syscall resched ( void   ) 

Reschedule processor to highest priority ready process. Upon entry, currpid gives current process id. Proctab[currpid].pstate gives correct NEXT state for current process if other than PRREADY.

OK when the process is context switched back

Definition at line 21 of file resched.c.

References ctxsw(), currpid, dequeue(), disable(), insert(), pentry::irqstate, OK, PRCURR, preempt, pentry::prio, proctab, PRREADY, QUANTUM, readylist, restore(), pentry::state, and pentry::stkptr.

Referenced by clockintr(), kill(), nulluser(), ready(), receive(), send(), sleep(), t4(), t5(), test_recursion(), test_schedule(), wait(), and wakeup().

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