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#include <kernel.h>
#include <proc.h>

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syscall send (ushort pid, long msg, bool block)

Detailed Description


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Definition in file send.c.

Function Documentation

syscall send ( ushort  pid,
long  msg,
bool  block 

send - pass a message to another process mailbox

pid process id of recipient
msg contents of message
block reschedule if BLOCK, return to call function if NOBLOCK
OK on success, SYSERR on failure

Definition at line 19 of file send.c.

References BLOCK, disable(), FALSE, pentry::hasmsg, isbadpid, pentry::msg, OK, PRFREE, proctab, PRRECV, ready(), resched(), RESCHED_NO, restore(), pentry::state, SYSERR, and TRUE.

Referenced by kill().

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