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#include <vararg.h>

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static char sprntf (char **, char)
void _doprnt (char *, va_list, int(*)(int, int), int)
int sprintf (char *str, char *fmt,...)

Detailed Description


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Definition in file sprintf.c.

Function Documentation

void _doprnt ( char *  ,
va_list  ,
int(*)(int, int)  ,

int sprintf ( char *  str,
char *  fmt,

Format arguments and place output in a string

*str output string
*fmt format string

Definition at line 19 of file sprintf.c.

References _doprnt(), sprntf(), va_end, and va_start.

Referenced by test_checkProcState(), test_checkResult(), test_checkSemCount(), test_deltaQueue(), test_procQueue(), test_semaphore(), test_semaphore2(), test_semaphore3(), and test_semaphore4().

static char sprntf ( char **  cpp,
char  c 
) [static]

Routine called by _doprnt to handle each character

Definition at line 36 of file sprintf.c.

Referenced by sprintf().

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