Desktop/xinu_mips-1.0.2.tar/xinu_mips-1.0.2/test/test-sem2.c File Reference

#include <kernel.h>
#include <proc.h>
#include <semaphore.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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void testPass (const char *)
void testFail (const char *)
bool test_checkSemCount (semaphore s, short c)
bool test_checkProcState (ushort pid, uchar state)
bool test_checkResult (uchar testResult, uchar expected)
void test_semWaiter (semaphore s, int times, uchar *testResult)
int test_semaphore2 (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

bool test_checkProcState ( ushort  pid,
uchar  state 

Definition at line 32 of file test-sem.c.

bool test_checkResult ( uchar  testResult,
uchar  expected 

Definition at line 46 of file test-sem.c.

bool test_checkSemCount ( semaphore  s,
short  c 

Definition at line 19 of file test-sem.c.

int test_semaphore2 ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

void test_semWaiter ( semaphore  s,
int  times,
uchar testResult 

Definition at line 9 of file test-sem.c.

void testFail ( const char *   ) 

Definition at line 11 of file testhelper.c.

void testPass ( const char *   ) 

Definition at line 6 of file testhelper.c.

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