CSE 646: Wireless Sensor Networks

I taught CSE 646: Wireless Sensor Networks in Fall 2011, Fall 2010, Fall 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008, Fall 2006 and Fall 2005.

This class provides a hands-on introduction to wireless sensor networking. We will start with a tutorial on programming wireless sensor network applications in TinyOS, and then delve into exploring protocols for Link layer, MAC layer, Topology control, Localization, Routing, Querying, and Network reprogramming.

Each student completes a project and present a demo and poster about the project. (The project can be used for satisfying the project requirement of the MS degree.)

CSE 708: Seminar on Sensor Networks and Networked Systems

I taught CSE 703: Miscellenous Topics in Sensor Networks and Networked Systems in Spring 2010.

CSE 719: Seminar on Sensor Networks

I taught CSE 719: Self-Healing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks in Spring 2008, Spring 2007 and Spring 2006.

In this course we study the fundamental concepts and techniques for the design and verification of distributed and self-healing programs. In addition, we also put special emphasis on system building issues, such as implementing and deploying several distributed and self-healing programs in wireless sensor networks (WSN) on the Mica2 and Tmote platforms.

Topics covered in the past CSE719s include: # Concurrency problems in distributed systems: difficulty of maintaining consistent states, impossibility of consensus under undetectable message loss # Logics for distributed programs: safety and progress properties, UNITY style temporal logic, proofs of program properties # Self-stabilization: mechanisms for self-stabilization, soft-state protocols, proof techniques for self-stabilization # Systems issues in WSN programming: holistic system design, energy-efficiency techniques, collision and contention avoidance, systems issues in deployment of WSN applications, programming methodologies for simplifying WSN programming

CSE 4/586: Distributed Systems

I taught CSE 486/586: Distributed Systems in Spring 2009 and in Fall 2012.


In Fall 2007, I have taught CSE 489/589: Modern Networking Concepts .

I also taught UE 141 , an undergraduate discovery seminar on wireless sensor networks.

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