CSE 736 - Markov Chains: Foundations and Applications
Spring 2003

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Date Speaker Topic
Jan 21, Jan 23 Hung Q. Ngo

Class information, Brief introduction to the field, Linear Algebra

Jan 27, 28 Hung Q. Ngo Finite Markov chains. Definitions and examples. Classification of States. Stopping times. Strong Markov property
Feb 3, 4 Hung Q. Ngo Long-range behavior and invariant distribution. Convergence to equilibrium. Ergodic Theorem.
Feb 10, 11 Hung Q. Ngo Continuous-time Markov chains: introduction. Exponential Distribution: merging, splitting, convolution. Poisson process: definitions, examples.
Feb 17, 18 Hung Q. Ngo

Continuous time Markov chains: birth and death process, linear growth model with immigration, M/M/s queues, convergence to equilibrium, time-reversibility, invariant distribution computational issues, uniformization.

Feb 24, 25 Hung Q. Ngo

Martingales: conditional expectation, definition and examples, optional sampling theorem, uniform integrability, martingale convergence theorem.

Mar 3, 4 Hung Q. Ngo

Renewal processes. Introduction, renewal equation, Discrete Renewal processes, M/G/1 and G/M/1 queues and queueing networks.

  • Lecture 10: Renewal Theory & Queueing Theory
Mar 24 Hung Q. Ngo More on queueing networks.
  • Lecture 11: Queueing networks.
Mar 25 Sumit Eapen

Julien Cartigny, David Simplot, Jean Carle, Stochastic Flooding Broadcast Protocols in Mobile Wireless Networks

Yoav Sasson, David Cavin, Andre Schiper, Probabilistic Broadcast for Flooding in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Apr 8 Vivek Kumar Francesco Lo Presti and Vincenzo Grassi, Markov analysis of the PRMA protocol for local wireless networks, Wireless Networks, vol. 4 (1998), no. 4, pp. 297--306.
Apr 10 Vipul Kaushal

Sally Floyd, Van Jacobson, The synchronization of periodic routing messages, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (TON), v.2 n.2, pp. 122--136, 1994.

Apr 15 Jie Xu Michele Zorzi and Ramesh R. Rao, Energy efficiency of TCP in a local wireless environment, Mobile Networks and Applications, vol. 6 (2001), no. 3, pp. 265--278.

Hisashi Kobayashi and Shun-Zheng Yu and Brian L. Mark, An integrated mobility and traffic model for resource allocation in wireless networks, Proceedings of the third ACM international workshop on Wireless mobile multimedia, pp. 39--47, 2000.

Nidhi Hegde and Khosrow Sohraby, Blocking in large mobile cellular networks with bursty traffic, Proceedings of the 2001 ACM SIGMETRICS international conference on Measurement and modeling of computer systems, pp. 123--132, 2001.

Apr 17 Peng Lin Yonghe Liu, Stefan Gruhl, and Edward W. Knightly, WCFQ: an Opportunistic Wireless Scheduler with Statistical Fairness Bounds, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication.
Apr 22 Wei Li

Ravi Kannan and Prasad Tetali and Santosh Vempala, Simple Markov-chain algorithms for generating bipartite graphs and tournaments

Apr 24 Jaikanth Krishnaswamy Mark Jerrum and Alistair Sinclair and Eric Vigoda, A polynomial-time approximation algorithm for the permanent of a matrix with non-negative entries, Proceedings of the thirty-third annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing, pp. 712--721, 2001.
Apr 29 Sumesh J Philip Michele Zorzi and Ramesh R. Rao, Performance of ARQ Go-Back-N protocol in Markov channels with unreliable feedback , Mobile Networks and Applications, vol 2. (1997), no. 2, pp. 183--193.