All assignments are to be submitted by the beginning of the class on the due date. Get to class early on the due date and leave your submission on my table.
No late assignment will be accepted

Team no. Members Topic & project webpage Reviewer for teams

Rajarshi Chakraborty

Optical Wireless Communications 2 and 3

Anantakrishna Kanti Varanasi

Comparison of two high throughput MAC strategies for next generating WLANs 3 and 4

Thanh Nguyen
Duc Ha (ducha)
Dzung Tran

Worm propagation models and prevention methods 4 and 5

Xuanshen Yang (xyang6)
Dapeng He (dapenghe)

Security in P2P Networks 5 and 6

Mukul Patil
Pradeep Phatak
Shivashankar M Sivadasan

Scheduling Issues in Multimedia Streaming over Peer-to-Peer Networks 6 and 7
Abhishek Arunachalam
Viral Modi
Srivats Balachandran
DDoS attacks and defense mechanisms 7 and 8
Uday K Kodukula (kodukula) UDAIAN: a protocol to efficiently establish anonymity amongst users of a P2P network 8 and 1

Mukarram Baig
Vikrant Dogra

A comprehensive study of the worm propagation and mitigation mechanisms with an emphasis on Flash worms 1 and 2
  • Assignment for week 10 (due on Monday of week 11, please email me your sources.
  • Reading assigments (to be done individually!)
    • At the beginning of each week, refer to the tentative schedule page for the reading assignment for that week. You are supposed to read the papers marked with (*).
    • Submit a one-page summary of each paper you've read at the first class of the following week. The format of the summary is as follows:
      1. State the problem the paper is trying to solve/discuss.
      2. State the main contribution of the paper.
      3. Summarize the key ideas (at most 3), one sentence for each.
      4. Critique the main contribution:
        • Rate the paper in the 1-5 scale: (1) Gabage, (2) Marginal contribution, (3) Decent contribution, (4) Good contribution, (5) Breakthrough
        • Explain your rating
        • What's the main limitation of the paper?
      5. What open problem(s) can be derived from the work?
    • The summary format is only meant to be a guideline. Use your imagination and creativity. Read the following links on scientific referee/reviewing:
    • This directory contains the Latex template for your papers summaries.
    • A sample review.
  • Peer review assignment. Each research team will serve as a reviewer for 2 other research teams. For each research project under reviewed, the tasks of the reviewer are as follows.
    1. Read the recommended papers and the research proposal. Proposals are due by Sep 30, so you'll have something to read by Sep 30.
    2. Write a proposal review report (2 page). Critique the proposal. This is due on Oct 21.
    3. Prepare a list of questions about the research project, to be asked at the progress and the final presentations. Be active in asking questions during those presentations. Note: you should be constructive if possible, in the sense that you want to ask questions that will help the team do better research.
    4. Write a research review report (2 page) and submit it after the final presentation. This is due on Dec 12.

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