CSE 725 - Network Coding: Theory and Applications
Spring 2007

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Date Speaker Topic
Jan 20 Hung Q. Ngo

Introduction, existence and construction of linear network codes on acyclic directed communications networks

Jan 27 Hung Q. Ngo Existence and construction of generic linear network code
Feb 03 Hung Q. Ngo Koetter-Medard's Algebraic Framework and Some Consequences
Feb 10 Hung Q. Ngo Deterministic Construction, Randomized Construction
Feb 17 Hung Q. Ngo Network Flow and Bipartite Matching connection, Randomized Construction
Feb 24 Hung Q. Ngo Some Hardness Results on Minimizing Alphabet Size
Mar 03 Hung Q. Ngo Network Coding on Undirected Graphs
Mar 10 Hung Q. Ngo Spring Break!
Mar 17 Liu, Xin Wireless network coding
  • Junning Liu, Dennis Goeckel and Don Towsley, Bounds on the Gain of Network Coding and Broadcasting in Wireless Networks, to appear in INFOCOM 2007. [ pdf ]
Mar 24 Tang, Yi Wireless Network Coding
  • Sachin Katti (MIT), Hariharan Rahul (MIT), Wenjun Hu (University of Cambridge), Dina Katabi (MIT), Muriel Medard (MIT), Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge), XORs in The Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding, SIGCOMM'06. [ pdf
  • Yunnan Wu; Philip A. Chou; S. Y. Kung, Information Exchange in Wireless Networks with Network Coding and Physical-layer Broadcast.
Apr 07 Nguyen, Thanh Multi-source multi-sink
  • Xijin Yan, Jun Yang, Zhen Zhang, An outer bound for multisource multisink network coding with minimum cost consideration, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (TON), Volume 14 Issue SI, 2006. [ pdf ]
Apr 14 Le, Anh Ngoc P2P and Network Coding
Apr 21 Wang, Yang Steiner Tree Packing
  • Lap Chi Lau, An Approximate Max-Steiner-Tree-Packing Min-Steiner-Cut Theorem, FOCS 2004
  • (Background) Kamal Jain, Mohammad Mahdian, Mohammad R. Salavatipour, Packing Steiner Trees, SODA 2003. [pdf]
  • (Background) Mohammad R. Salavatipour, Joseph Cheriyan, Hardness and Approximation Results for Packing Steiner Trees, ESA 2004. [postscript | presentation in pdf]
Apr 28 Chakraborty, Rajarshi
  • Sudipta Sengupta, Shravan Rayanchu, and Suman Banerjee, An Analysis of Wireless Network Coding for Unicast Sessions: The Case for Coding-Aware Routing, INFOCOM'07. [ pdf ]
May 05 Ha, Duc Tran P2P and Network Coding
  • Kamal Jain, László Lovász, Philip A. Chou, Building scalable and robust peer-to-peer overlay networks for broadcasting using network coding, Proceedings of the twenty-fourth annual ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing PODC '05.