Optimization in Robotics, Machine Learning, and Control, Part II

Meeting time/place: Tue/Thu 9:30-10:50am, Davis 113A
Instructors: Hung Q. Ngo and Robert Platt.
Date Presenter(s) Topic Materials
Tue Jan 15 Hung Ngo Linear programming basics W&S Appendix A
Thu Jan 17 Primer on approximation algorithms W&S Chapter 1
Tue Jan 22
Thu Jan 24
Tue Jan 29 Alex and Suchismit Greedy algorithms and local search W&S
2.1 (Scheduling jobs with deadline on a single machine),
2.2 (The k-center problem),
2.6 (Minimum degree spanning tree),
2.7 (Edge coloring)
Thu Jan 31
Tue Feb 05 Qi and Yingbo Rounding data and dynamic programming W&S
3.1 (The knapsack problem),
3.2 (Scheduling jobs on identical paralell machines),
3.3 (The binpacking problem)
Thu Feb 07
Tue Feb 12
Thu Feb 14 Devansh and Mahmoud Deterministic rounding of linear programs W&S
4.1 (Minimizing the sum of completion times on a single machine)
4.2 (Minimizing the weighted sum of completion times on a single machine)
4.3 (The ellipsoid method)
4.4 (The prize-collecting Steiner tree problem)
4.6 (The bin-packing problem)
Tue Feb 19
Thu Feb 21
Tue Feb 26
Thu Feb 28
Tue Mar 05
Thu Mar 07
Tue Mar 12 Spring break!
Thu Mar 14 Spring break!
Tue Mar 19 Hung Q. Ngo Tail and concentration inequalities 5.10 (Chernoff bound), Hung will present this section
My lecture notes from CSE 694.
Thu Mar 21
Tue Mar 26 Andreas and Aman Random Sampling and randomized rounding of linear programs W&S
5.1 (Max-SAT and Max-CUT),
5.2 (Derandomization),
5.3 (Using biased coin),
5.4 (Randomized rounding),
5.5 (Best of two),
5.6 (Non-linear randomized rounding),
5.7 (Prize-collecting Steiner tree, again),
Thu Mar 28 Rathin More on random sampling and randomized rounding 5.11 (Integer multicommodity flows),
5.12 (Random sampling and coloring dense 3-colorable graphs),
Tue Apr 02
Thu Apr 04 Di and Liang Chapter 6
Tue Apr 09
Thu Apr 11
Tue Apr 16
Thu Apr 18
Tue Apr 23
Thu Apr 25
Thu Apr 30
Thu May 02