CS421 Project Submission Policy and Guidelines

  1. Project source code files must be submitted online before midnight of the due date. All projects will be run by the instructor or the grader; and this will serve as the main evaluation of the project.
  2. Some projects will have Introductory Parts, which will have independent due dates, usually within two weeks of the project being made available. Those parts must be submitted by their deadline. (subject to the late submission guidelines below)
  3. Hard copy submissions (e.g. technical reports) are to be submitted in the lecture class the day after the midnight due date. They should be left on the instructor's table at the start of the class.
  4. Deadline extensions may be granted in very rare cases when extenuating circumstances (like serious illness or disability, a death in the family, an accident, etc.) exist, and are supported by written documentation. No extension of project deadlines will be granted if the computers or printers are down close to the due date, unless the downtime exceeds 48 hours.
  5. Late projects will be accepted with the following late penalties. Calculate how many 6-hour periods (or part thereof) after the deadline the project was submitted, call that number n. The absolute percentage penalty will be: (5 + (1.5)^n)%. For example, if a project is submitted at 11am (that it, 11 hours late), then n=2, so the penalty will be 5 + (1.5)^2 = 7.25%. Which means that if that project is graded and would have received 85%, it will be recorded as 85 - 7.25 = 77.75% instead.
  6. Projects submitted improperly, under office doors, in mailboxes, etc., will not be graded, and will be considered not submitted (unless prior arrangements are made).
  7. Every program you submit must have an id-box header. Work that we can not identify will not be graded. See ~milun/cs421/PROJECTS/HowToHandin for important submission details.
  8. There are severe penalties for copied, or ghost-written programs.
  9. Projects that do not compile and/or run will be assessed a minimum penalty of 50%.
  10. The external documentation required for each project must be printed, typewritten, or preferably typeset. (See ~milun/cs421/PROJECTS/HowToHandin for details.) Handwritten documentation is not acceptable. Diagrams, of course, may be drawn by hand.
  11. Since the load on the system, and the printers, is very high around the submission deadline, you are urged to get your printouts early.

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