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by Matthew Watkins


Original Passage:

Of course, there's no way a pesky subculture like extreme sports could be
absorbed into the Olympics juggernaut without some kicking and screaming.
After all, it emerged as a direct response to the commercialism and
competitiveness of the big boys. The same kids appearing on Leno today
would've been mortified by the thought four years ago.

Gordon, D. & Gegax, T.T. (2002). Dudes and dinner roles. Newsweek, February
25, 2002, p. 48-51.


Of the original passage only the first sentence was represented.  It was broken down into four components.

  1. Extreme sports is a pesky subculture.

  2. Extreme sports is absorbed into the Olympics juggernaut.

  3. Some people kick and scream.

  4. If 2, then 3.

Final Representation:


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