Kasparov Versus the World

The first two files are, except for a few light edits and links to additions, mirrors of the article at SmartChess Online up through Move 50.  They will appear in print in the Atlantic Chess News.

Irina's Article, Part I.
Irina's Article, Part II.

The main exhibit here is:

Greatly expanded hyperlinked version of Part III, The Kasparov-World Queen Ending.

The analysis here is intended to be complete but has not yet been independently checked, and some changes are anticipated. 

Update: The non-Kxd6 lines of the "central winning mechanism" file Qf7win.html were refuted by a Black resource ...Qh1+! found by Helio Cardoso (HC BSB), as now shown in that file. This invalidates the claims below of a White win with 54. Qf4 Qd3 or with 54. Qf2 Qd3, and I now believe both lines to be *drawn*. A brutal Spring'00 term has kept me from typing any of my updated analysis---my only time has been to help assemble evidence that 53. Qe4(!) was a winning move for White in the actual game. Even my version of the "Part-III" article is out of date---please look for the latest version at SmartChess Online (note the navigation buttons at the bottom).

I intend to return to active discussion when I finally dig out of things that have buried me (all millennium long:-). The other reason I haven't been actively, publicly participating is that I haven't wanted to come forward with public claims until I feel I can remove the disclaimers on this site---with independent checks by others or a breather to "sanity-check" everything myself. After all, ...Qh1+! was a simple oversight, seeing only 63 squares! The analysis has been far more difficult than what several of us (Paul, Irina, Karrer, Spy49,...) expected when we thought we could verify Kasparov's Move-54 assertions in a couple of weeks, thus offering a satisfactory explanation to the World on where the game was lost before offering to compare notes with (Club) Kasparov. I am grateful for the continuing interest of visitors to this site, and will try to answer inquiries that are addressed to me.

Comments, suggestions, even refutations are welcome by e-mail to regan@cse.buffalo.edu and hodges@smartchess.com.  Here are some individual files of note:

(Original Part III, mirroring the first SCO version.)

My "World Team Endgame Strategy Explained" article
Black's draw with 51...Ka1
Black's losses with 51...d5 and 51...QfBlack's draw with 52...Kc1
White's central winning mechanism with Qf7
Move 54---The Critical Moves
White's win with 54. Qf2 Qd3
White's win with 54. Qf4 Qd3
The 58...Qf5 ending (needed updating not yet done)
My analysis of "Position G".

More will be added to this site as time permits---it will replace the older site at www.cse.buffalo.edu/~regan/chess/GK-ROW/.