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Introduction to Cognitive Science
Stuart C. Shapiro
Fall, 2005

MWF 4:00 - 4:50, 115 Talbert Hall

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Prof. Stuart C. Shapiro, 326 Bell Hall, 645-3180 ext. 125,
Office Hours: MW 10-11, Th 1:30 - 2:30, or make an appointment via email. See my schedule for my available times.


Web Resources:

The Center for Cognitive Science:
The Fall 2005 Colloquium Series of UB's Center for Cognitive Science meets Wednesdays 2:00 - 3:30 in 280 Park Hall. You are invited and encouraged to attend, but the meetings are not an official part of this course.

Academic Policies:
This course will abide by the CSE Department Academic Integrity policies and procedures,
and the CSE Department Incomplete policy. The short versions are:

This course will also abide by the University's principles and procedures regarding students with disabilities. See the Office of Disability Services' statement on UB's Commitment to Disability Access. Notify the professor if you need any accommodations under these policies.

Course Requirements:

Class Meetings:
Most class meetings will be devoted to discussions of the readings. You are encouraged to send Prof. Shapiro email with topics you have come across in the readings that you feel need further background explanations. There may also be some guest lectures. Attendance is required, and will count as 10% of the final course grade.

Review Papers:
You are to write and hand in a review paper for every chapter and article you read for this course, and for every guest lecturer. Each review paper is to be one to two pages in length, consisting of a brief summary of what you are reviewing, and a discussion of your reactions to it and your thoughts about it. Each paper will be graded on a 0-3 scale:
3Fine. Keep up the good work.
2Acceptable, but please do better.
1Needs improvement; do better in the future.
0Not turned in, or otherwise not acceptable.
Each paper is due at the start of class, one week after it is first part of the course material. The calendar below will list definitive due dates. A late paper will loose 0.5 points per class period.

The two lowest scoring papers will be ignored, and the rest averaged. The mapping from average score to letter grades will be:

2.5 - 3.0A
2.0 - 2.5B
1.5 - 2.0C
1.0 - 1.5D
0.0 - 1.0F
The average grade on the review papers will count as 90% of the final course grade.

Course Calendar:
This schedule is tentative, and may change as the semester proceeds.
1 Mon8/29First Class
Mind, Chap. 1: Representation and Computation
Companion, Part I: The Life of Cognitive Science
 Fri9/2 Last day to drop without financial penalty
2 Mon9/5No Class: Labor Day
 Wed9/7 Mind, Chap. 2: Logic
Companion, Chap. 21: Reasoning
Shapiro, Propositional, First-Order And Higher-Order Logics: Basic Definitions, Rules of Inference, and Examples
or Shapiro, SNePS: A Logic for Natural Language Understanding and Commonsense Reasoning.
Paper 1 due on Mind, Chap. 1
Paper 2 due on Companion, Part I
 Fri9/9 Drop/Add deadline
3 Mon9/12
Mind, Chap. 3: Rules
Companion, Chap. 42: Production systems
 Wed9/14 Paper 3 due on Mind, Chap. 2
Paper 4 due on Companion, Chap 21
Paper 5 due on Shapiro, "... Logics: Basic Definitions ..." or "... SNePS: A Logic for ..."
Example proofs
Notes on Jess
4 Mon9/19 Mind, Chap. 4: Concepts
Companion, Chap. 8: Conceptual organization
 Wed9/21 Paper 6 due on Mind, Chap. 3
Paper 7 due on Companion, Chap 42
5 Mon9/26 Mind, Chap. 5: Analogies
Companion, Chap. 1: Analogy
 Wed9/28 Paper 8 due on Mind, Chap. 4: Concepts
Paper 9 due on Companion, Chap 8: Conceptual organization
6 Mon10/3 Mind, Chap. 6: Images
Companion, Chap. 12: Imagery and spatial representation
Companion, Chap. 18: Perception
 Wed10/5 Guest lecture by Prof. James R. Sawusch
 Fri10/7 Paper 10 due on Mind, Chap. 5: Analogies
Paper 11 due on Companion, Chap 1: Analogy
7 Mon10/10 Mind, Chap. 7: Connections
Companion, Chap. 38: Connectionism, artificial life, and dynamical systems.
 Wed10/12 Paper 12 due on Mind, Chap. 6: Images
Paper 13 due on Companion, Chap 12: Imagery and spatial representation
Paper 14 due on Companion, Chap 18: Perception
Paper 15 due on talk by Prof. Sawusch
8 Mon10/17 Mind, Chap. 8: Review and Evaluation
Companion, Chap. 48: Levels of explanation and cognitive architectures
 Wed10/19 Paper 16 due on Mind, Chap. 7: Connections
Paper 17 due on Companion, Chap. 38: Connectionism, artificial life, and dynamical systems
 Fri10/21 R deadline
9 Mon10/24 Mind, Chap. 9: Brains
Companion, Chap. 4: Brain mapping
Companion, Chap. 32: Neuroimaging
See also Midsagittal Structures Study Module from University of Alberta
 Wed10/26 Paper 18 due on Mind, Chap. 8: Review and Evaluation
Paper 19 due on Companion, Chap. 48: Levels of explanation and cognitive architectures
10 Mon10/31 Mind, Chap. 10: Emotions
Companion, Chap. 11: Emotions
 Wed11/2 Paper 20 due on Mind, Chap. 9: Brains
Paper 21 due on Companion, Chap. 4: Brain mapping
Paper 22 due on Companion, Chap. 32: Neuroimaging
11 Mon11/7 Mind, Chap. 11: Consciousness
Companion, Chap. 9: Consciousness
Companion, Chap. 3: Attention
 Wed11/9 Paper 23 due on Mind, Chap. 10: Emotions
Paper 24 due on Companion, Chap. 11: Emotions
12 Mon11/14 Mind, Chap. 12: Bodies, the World, and Dynamic Systems
Companion, Chap. 39: Embodied, situated, and distributed cognition
For the logistic difference equation, see Richard Dallaway's Chaos in the Pond
and /projects/shapiro/CSE575/
 Wed11/16 Paper 25 due on Mind, Chap. 11: Consciousness
Paper 26 due on Companion, Chap. 9: Consciousness
Paper 27 due on Companion, Chap. 3: Attention
13 Mon11/21
Mind, Chap. 13: Societies
Companion, Your choice: any chapter we haven't already read
 Wed11/23 Fall Recess
 Fri11/25 Fall Recess
14 Mon11/28  
 Wed11/30 Paper 28 due on Mind, Chap. 12: Bodies, the World, and Dynamic Systems
Paper 29 due on Companion, Chap. 39: Embodied, situated, and distributed cognition
15 Mon12/5 Mind, Chap. 14: The Future of Cognitive Science
Paper 30 due on Mind, Chap. 13: Societies
Paper 31 due on Companion, Your choice
 Fri12/9 Last Class

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