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SNePS, a knowledge representation, reasoning and acting system. See the SNePS Research Group home page.
CSNePS, an implementation (and extension) of SNePS 3 written in Clojure, and designed to utilize concurrency during inference. Implemented by Daniel R. Schlegel.
ubprover, ANSI Common Lisp source of a pedagogical resolution refutation theorem prover using the set-oriented connectives discussed in
Stuart C. Shapiro, Set-Oriented Logical Connectives: Syntax and Semantics, Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference (KR2010), AAAI Press, 2010.
is available for downloading under the University at Buffalo Public License. Documentation is in comments at the beginning of the file.
Version 2010.2, posted 13 April 2010.

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