We need from each accepted paper the following items by apr 27, 2009, 1pm eastern time.

  1. Camera-ready version: 
    • Please revise your paper to take into account the comments/concerns that the reviewers might have made. The reviews have been sent to you in your acceptance notification email. 
    • Each of the accepted papers is limited to 10 pages long, including every thing (figures, appendix, referrences, etc.). There is a charge of 100USD per extra page. The proceedings will be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series of Springer Verlag.
    • Please prepare your camera-ready version following the LNCS instructions for authors. In particular, the precise instructions for authors in pdf is here, the LaTeX style files are here.
    • To avoid confusion (and to save time and effort), name all files in the following fashion: Use always 10 characters plus an extension (cocoonNNNC.XXX). cocoon is a fixed string. NNN is your submission number. To distinguish several files of the same type (e.g., eps files) use characters a, b, c,... in the field C. XXX identifies the file type (tex, ps, etc.). For example, the files in a final submission could be named cocoon009a.tex, cocoon009a.dvi, cocoon009a.ps, cocoon009a.eps, cocoon009b.eps, and cocoon009c.eps. We would appreciate it if you could compress the files in .zip, .tar,  or .tar.gz, (but please do not use .rar). Use cocoonNNN as the base name for the compressed file (e.g., cocoon009.zip).
    • Please send your file to hungngo [at] buffalo [dot] edu by the deadline. Please also provide the name and email address of the corresponding author for your paper. Springer will contact this email for the final proof reading of your paper!
  2. Copyright form:
    • The copyright form may be downloaded from the “Information for LNCS Authors" section of the LNCS Website. Please send your signed copyright form to Hung Q. Ngo, either as a scanned pdf (via email) or by fax or by courier. One author may sign on behalf of all of the other authors of a particular paper.
    • Email (for scanned pdf -- preferred format): hungngo [at] buffalo [dot] edu
    • Fax number: (716) 645-3464 (attn: Hung Q. Ngo)
    • Address:
      Department of Computer Science and Engineering
      State University of New York at Buffalo
      201 Bell Hall
      Buffalo, NY 14260-2000, U.S.A.

  3. One full registration:
    • Each accepted paper must come with a full registration (i.e. not the student rate) for the paper to be included in the proceedings. [The full registration rate is 450USD, the student rate is 250USD.] For authors with multiple accepted papers, one full registration can "cover" up to 3 papers.
    • The registration website is now up. Please remember that the author registration is due on Apr 27 also.
    • For more information about the Visa letter, please look at the travel page. If you have any question regarding registrations and visa letters, please do not hesitate to contact Atri Rudra at atri [at] buffalo [dot] edu