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Grades "final" (Posted 12/20)

Grades in the gradebook are now "final". That means all the data is entered and the formulas calculate grades correctly. However, I will not be officially submitting grades until next week, so if you have a question, please email me.

Working on grades (Posted 12/19)

Hi all! I am working on grades now and hoping to have some changes posted and the Stage 3 grades out to you soon. In the meantime, the gradebook is in a sense of flux as I continue to add things and updates formulas and averages. When grades are final, I'll post here.

Website with sorting Demo & Topics for Final

This website has the sorting demo I showed in class on Friday.

The topics for the final exam are:
(CSE 115)
> Vocabulary (for the pieces of a program)
> Parameters
> Variables (local, instance)
> Scope of variables (local, instance, parameters)
> Primitive types vs. Reference types
> Inheritance
> Polymorphism
> Arithmetic
> If-statements
> Loops
> Collections
> Generic Collections
> Iterators

(CSE 116)
> File I/O
> Arrays
> Linked Lists
> Stacks
> Queues
> Trees (including general vocabulary)
> Binary Search Trees
> Recursion
> Big-oh
> Searching
> Sorting (the students should know basic algos and running times)


Find information about the required presentations here.

Running eclipse with bigger heap size and notes on Tries

It is possible that when working with the tries in Stage 3 that you may need a bigger heap space to run the program. If this is the case, you can run eclipse from the command line using:
/util/eclipse/eclipse -vmargs -Xmx256M
There is a possibility that this can also be set under the Run configuration of a project if you are working on a Windows machine. If you are having trouble with this, please email us.

Here are some notes on tries.

Stage 2 grading guidelines

Take a look at the grading guidelines for Stage 2. One for if you used your own code, and one if you did not.

Change in Office hours for Week of 11/6

Abhijith's office hours on Thursday will be moved to Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00pm. Regular hours will resume the next week.

Sample problems for Exam 2 (Answers Posted)

I have posted sample problems for Exam 2 here. Answers are posted in the lecture code repository.

Adrienne's at OOPSLA

I'll be at OOPSLA the week of October 23rd and therefore, I will not be in my office hours. Office hours will resume as normal on the week of the 30th. Class and recitation will meet as normal.

NOTE: Requirements have changed for Stage 2. You no longer have to implement the Undo functionality of the game. You'll be working on that for Stage 3 instead.

Stage 2 Due Date Extended

Because of the loss of class days during the storm, the due date for Stage 2 has been extended to Friday, November 3rd.

Office Hours Changed for Friday, Oct 6th

Adrienne's Office Hours will be moved to 12:00 - 1:00 for this Friday, October 6th only. Normal hours will resume next week.

Announcements for Week of Sept 25

Just a few announcements recapping what I said in class on Monday (and adding to it).

  • Stage 1 is due at 11:59:59pm on September 25.
  • In recitation this week, you will be working on creating JUnit tests for the Bag class created in lecture.
  • On Wednesday, we will begin discussion in lecture on Swing and using the built-in classes for Java graphics.
  • Peer evaluations for Stage 1 are due at 11:59:59pm on Thursday, September 28. See description here.
  • On Friday, I wil not be in class, but the TAs will go over these problems to help you prepare for the first exam.
  • My office hours are canceled for Friday, September 29 as well.
  • There is no class on Monday, October 2.
  • The first exam will be on Wednesday, October 4 and will cover material up to and including Bags, but not Swing.

Stage 1 Clarification

A student was in my office hours earlier confused about how the turns should rotate between players for this stage of Lingo. The first player gets to guess at his/her word. The player continues guessing that word until they solve the word or they reach their five guesses. At that time, play switches to player 2, who does the same for his/her first word. After Player 2 gets the word or uses 5 guesses, it is back to Player 1's turn.

Stage 1 Submission Reminder

As stated in class on Wednesday, you must include a README file with your submission that indicates which class is the one that should be run as well as general rules about game play that the user of your game should know. Also, if there are parts of your implemenation that do not function correctly, you should indicate those in your README file as well.

Class on Wednesday 9/13

Mike Buckley will be giving lecture on Wednesday. He will be taking attendance. I have posted the rest of the file input/output stuff to the Lecture Code repository. Recall that the repository is located in /projects/Fall_2006/cse116/LectureCode. I will answer any questions about that code on Friday.

Reminder about Group Responsibilities

I have posted a synopsis of the discussion about groups and group responsibilities as a link on the 9/1 lecture. Please refer to this during this week's recitation. Remember that at the end of each week's recitation, your group's secretary needs to send an email to me indicating what was accomplished during recitation.

Stage 1 Posted/Groups Posted

The stage 1 description has been posted. The groups have been posted as well. There is a link in the Stage 1 description to see your group assignments. Please let me know right away if you were not assigned a group.

The Stage 1 description mentions a dictionary file that you can use. This file is not yet available, but will be in the next few days.

Syllabus Errata

The typos in the syllabus have now been fixed. New versions of the syllabus are now available on this site. To summarize, the changes were as follows:

(1) Under the project component, the stages will now be worth the following:

Stage 1 - 8%
Stage 2 - 11%
Stage 3 - 14%
Presentation - 5%

For a total of 38%

(2) The resign date for this semseter is Friday, November 10th for all students.


Welcome to the CSE 116 website. You should check this site often for announcements.


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