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#include <kernel.h>
#include <semaphore.h>

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static semaphore allocsem (void)
semaphore newsem (short count)

Detailed Description

newsem, allocsem

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Definition in file newsem.c.

Function Documentation

static semaphore allocsem ( void   )  [static]

allocsem - allocate an unused semaphore and return its index. Scan the global semaphore table for a free entry, mark the entry used, and return the new semaphore

available semaphore id on success, SYSERR on failure

Definition at line 44 of file newsem.c.

References NSEM, semtab, SFREE, sentry::state, SUSED, and SYSERR.

Referenced by newsem().

semaphore newsem ( short  count  ) 

newsem - allocate and initialize a new semaphore.

count - number of resources available without waiting. example: count = 1 for mutual exclusion lock
new semaphore id on success, SYSERR on failure

Definition at line 20 of file newsem.c.

References allocsem(), sentry::count, disable(), restore(), semtab, and SYSERR.

Referenced by test_deltaQueue(), test_procQueue(), test_semaphore(), test_semaphore2(), test_semaphore3(), test_semaphore4(), and uartInit().

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