dentry Struct Reference

#include <device.h>

Data Fields

ushort num
char * name
devcall(* init )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* open )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* close )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* read )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* write )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* seek )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* getc )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* putc )(struct dentry *,...)
devcall(* control )(struct dentry *,...)
void * csr
uchar inmask
uchar outmask
void(* inintr )(void)
void(* outintr )(void)
void * controlblk
ushort minor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file device.h.

Field Documentation

device number

Definition at line 20 of file device.h.

char* dentry::name

device name

Definition at line 21 of file device.h.

devcall(* dentry::init)(struct dentry *,...)

init function

Referenced by sysinit().

devcall(* dentry::open)(struct dentry *,...)

open function

Referenced by open().

devcall(* dentry::close)(struct dentry *,...)

close function

Referenced by close().

devcall(* dentry::read)(struct dentry *,...)

read function

Referenced by read().

devcall(* dentry::write)(struct dentry *,...)

write function

Referenced by write().

devcall(* dentry::seek)(struct dentry *,...)

seek function

Referenced by seek().

devcall(* dentry::getc)(struct dentry *,...)

getc function

Referenced by getc(), ttyControl(), and ttyRead().

devcall(* dentry::putc)(struct dentry *,...)

putc function

Referenced by putc(), and ttyWrite().

devcall(* dentry::control)(struct dentry *,...)

control function

Referenced by control().

void* dentry::csr

ctrl & status reg addr

Definition at line 31 of file device.h.

Referenced by kputc(), and uartInit().

input vector

Definition at line 32 of file device.h.

Referenced by uartInit().

output vector

Definition at line 33 of file device.h.

void(* dentry::inintr)(void)

input interrupt handler

Referenced by uartInit().

void(* dentry::outintr)(void)

output interrupt handler

control block

Definition at line 36 of file device.h.

Referenced by kputc(), ttyClose(), ttyControl(), ttyInit(), ttyOpen(), ttyRead(), ttyWrite(), uartControl(), uartInit(), uartRead(), and uartWrite().

minor device number

Definition at line 37 of file device.h.

Referenced by ttyInit(), and uartInit().

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