Group Introduction:
The Embedded Sensing and Computing (ESC) group at UB investigates cutting-edge research topics at the intersection of hardware/architecture, operation systems, algorithms, human factors and their applications in medicine, healthcare and security. Our research efforts span from the hardware/software foundation development to the practical computer system buildup.
Dr. Wenyao Xu, Professor
  Group Members:
Huining Li Ph.D. Candidate January 2020 - present
Wei Bo Ph.D. Candidate January 2021 - present
Anarghya Das Ph.D. Student August 2021 - present
Xiaoyu Zhang Ph.D. Student August 2021 - present
Varun Shijo (co-advised with Jun Xia) Ph.D. Student August 2022 - present
Matthew Robino UndergraduateAugust 2021 - present
Tianyu Chen UndergraduateAugust 2021 - present
Alexander Gherardi UndergraduateAugust 2021 - present
Michelle Weng UndergraduateAugust 2021 - present
Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee K-12 StudentAugust 2019 - present
  Ph.D. and Postdoc Alumni:
Name Graduate ClassThe First Employment
Dr. Chenhan Xu Ph.D. 2023 Assistant Professor in North Carolina State University
Dr. Hanbin Zhang Ph.D. 2022 Postdoc in Yale University
Dr. Aditya Singh Rathore Ph.D. 2021 Micron Technology Inc.
Dr. Zhengxiong Li Ph.D. 2021 Assistant Professor in University of Colorado, Denver
Dr. Jerry Ajay Ph.D. 2019 Assistant Professor in SUNY Brockport
Dr. Chen Song Ph.D. 2019 Assistant Professor in San Diego State University (now Google Inc.)
Dr. Aosen Wang Ph.D. 2018 Apple Inc. (now Meta Inc.)
Dr. Feng Lin Research Assistant Professor 2017Assistant Professor in University of Colorado, Denver (now Professor in Zhejiang University)
  K-12, BS and MS Alumni:
Name Graduate ClassThe First Employment
Andrew Woska Bachelor 2023M.S.. UC San Diego
Xingyu Chen Bachelor 2021Ph.D. UC San Diego
Enhao Zheng Bachelor 2021Amazon Inc.
Baicheng Chen Bachelor 2021Ph.D. UC San Diego
Gabe Guo High-School 2020B.S. Columbia University
Darasy Reth Bachelor 2019M.S. Northeastern University
Sanjana Singh High-School 2019B.S. Harvard University
Matthew Stafford Bachelor 2018Software Engineer
in Lockheed Martin Inc.
Kun Woo Cho Bachelor 2018Ph.D. Princeton
Tri Vu Bachelor 2018Ph.D. Duke (BME)
Zhuolin Yang Bachelor 2018 Ph.D. UChicago
Christopher Thomas Bachelor 2017Software Engineer in
Sparta Inc.
Aditya Singh Rathore Bachelor 2017Ph.D. UB
Weihao Qu Master 2016Ph.D. UB
Jiangchuan He Master 2015Amazon Inc.
Yan Zhuang Master 2014Ph.D. UVa
Yuanshuo LuMaster 2014 Uber Inc.
Chen SongMaster 2014Ph.D. UB
Ajay AmuthanMaster 2013Amazon Inc.
  Visiting Students and Scholars Alumni:
Name Visiting DurationPosition
Dr. Xuexian Geng 2016 - 2017 Associate Professor in Wuhan University
Dr. Xiaowei Xu 2015 - 2016 Postdoc in Notre Dame
Dr. Bin Zhu 2014 - 2015Associate Professor in Chongqing University