Scalable Computing Research

At SCoRE, we focus on accelerating scientific discovery and innovation by leveraging advanced cyberinfrastructures to enable fast and accurate exploration of large-scale biological and engineering data collections. We design algorithms, data structures and implementations that scale from multi- and many-core desktops to petascale systems and beyond.

The free lunch is over and the ability to design scalable solutions is a critical asset desired by both industry and academia. Life sciences have been caught in data deluge with the estimated market value of hundreds of billions USD, triggered by rapidly advancing DNA sequencing technologies. The progress in engineering depends more than ever on massive amounts of sensor and simulation data. This is why the SCoRe Group works on problems at the intersection of scalable computing, life sciences, and data-driven scientific computing.

We are an interdisciplinary group affiliated with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UB and the Department of Biomedical Informatics.

Download the SCoRe Group poster.