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 Ph.D. students: Ph.D. students:
-  ​* **Subhadeep Karan** -- Subhadeep is working on parallel and distributed ML methods in the context of biomedical data. +  * **Vicky Zheng** -- Vicky is working on new algorithms ​for mobile DNA sequencing and analysis (using ONT MinION)
-  * **Frank Schoeneman** -- Frank is working on methods to analyze large and high-dimensional data emerging in scientific computing. +
-  ​* **Vicky Zheng** -- Vicky is working on computational methods ​for synthetic peptide vaccines design+
 +  * [[https://​www.linkedin.com/​in/​subhadeepkaran/​|Subhadeep Karan, Ph.D.]]
 +  * [[https://​www.linkedin.com/​in/​fvschoen/​|Frank Schoeneman, Ph.D.]]
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